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The Redouble Command

Accept a double by redoubling









A beaver or an "instant redouble" is an unlimited match feature that allows the receiving party of a double to accept it at twice the level at which it was offered. A raccoon is an instant redouble of a beaver and an otter is an instant redouble of a raccoon. There are no special names for further redoubles. Each of the redoubles can be accepted or rejected the same way normal doubles are accepted or rejected. The maximum number of instant redoubles in a row is the minimum of both players' 'redoubles' variable. This variable is initially set to 0 but it can be changed with the set command. The commands beaver, raccoon and otter commands are only allowed if the redouble really is a beaver, raccoon or otter. The redouble command can be used for any of them and for further redoubles.

See also: accept, double, reject, set