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The Raccoon Command

Offer an instant redouble that is a raccoon

Syntax: raccoon

An instant redouble of an offered beaver is called a raccoon. You can use the redouble command instead. The raccoon command can only used for the second instant redouble while redouble can be used for any of several instant redoubles in a row.

In this exchange, player Anna decides to double player Bill, who believes it is to his advantage to redouble:


"I double!"

(cube turned to 2)


"I beaver!!"

(cube turned to 4)


"I raccoon!!!"

(cube turned to 8)


"I otter!!!!"

(cube turned to 16)


"I...   redouble!!!!!"

(cube turned to 32)




(And we wonder why people don't take backgammon seriously...)

See also: otter