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Board Set-up
How to Win

Rules for Plakoto

These rules are those that are implemented in the The Board.

Board Set-up

The board setup is the same as in Backgammon except that all checkers are placed on the players' home points.


The Gameplay

The game is played out in the same as Backgammon except the following differences.

If one player lands a checker on the other player's blot, then that blot is captured instead of hit. Captured blots can not be moved until all the capturing checker has move from that point which will free the captured blot. Also,  a captured blot will become a prime together with the capturing checker, meaning that the captured player can not land any more checkers on that point. The capturing player may, however, stack as many checkers he wants on that point.

In order to be allowed to bear off, all checkers must be in the opponent's home board and they must also be free. This rule also applies if you already have started to bear off checkers and are then captured. That player must not bear off any more checkers until the captured checker has become free again.

If a player's last checker on his home point is captured he immediately loses the game unless the other player still has checkers left on his home point. He then still have the chance of capturing the other player's home point which in turn will make the game a draw if he succeeds.

How to Win

You win either by bearing off all your checkers before the opponent or you capture your opponent's home point while leaving your own home point with all checkers.