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Board Set-up
How to Win

Rules for Moultezim

These rules are those that are implemented in the The Board.

Board Set-up

Each player stacks all his checkers on their home point in opposite diagonal corners of the board.


The Gameplay

The basics are the same as in backgammon except the following differences.

Both players move the checkers around the board in counter clockwise direction.

Each player must move his first checker past his opponent's home point to be allowed to move another checker. After the first checker has passed the home point of the opponent he may then move all his checkers as desired.

No hitting is allowed. If a point is occupied with one or more of one player's checkers, the other player may not land on that point.

No player may cover all points in his home board with checkers.

How to Win

The first player that bears off all of his checkers wins the game.