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International backgammon phrase dictionary

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FIBS abbreviations

Bulgarian Bulgarian

Hello = Zdraveyte
How are you? = Kak ste?
Nice to meet you = Priyatno mi e da se zapoznaem
Good luck! = Kasmet!
Thanks for the match = Blagodarya za igrata
Congratulations! = Chestito!
Time to run = Otivam si
It's your turn = Vash hod e
See you soon = Do skoro vijdane
Are you there? = Tam li ste?
Rematch? = Revansh?
Sorry = Izvinyavaite
These dice suck today = Eba si skapaniya zar dneska

Catalan Catalan

Hello = Hola
How are you? = Que tal?
Nice to meet you = Encantat de coneixe't
Good luck = Bona sort
Thanks for the match = Gracies pel matx
Congratulations = Felicitats
Time to run = A correr!
See you soon = Fins aviat
Are you there? = Que hi ha algu?
Rematch = Una altra?
Sorry = Perdo

Danish Danish

Hello = Hej med dig
How are you? = Hvordan gaar det?
Nice to meet you = Hyggeligt at moede dig
Good luck = Held og lykke
This lag is awful = Denne lag er frygtelig
Thanks for the match = Tak for kampen
Congratulations = Tillykke

Dutch Dutch

Hello = Hallo
Good luck = Veel geluk
These dice suck today = De stenen zijn beroerd
Thanks for the match = Bedankt voor de partij

Finnish Finnish

Hello = Hei
How are you? = Kuinka voit?
Nice to meet you = Kiva tavata
Good luck = Pelionnea
These dice suck = Tanaan ei osu
Thanks for the match = Kiitos pelista
Run for your life = Juokse

French French

Hello = Bonjour
How are you? = Comment vas tu?
Nice to meet you = Je suis heureux de faire votre connaissance
Good luck = Bonne chance
One moment please = Un moment s'il vous plait
Are you there? = Etes-vous la?
That's life = C'est la vie
See you soon = A la prochaine
Well played = Bien joue'
Thanks for the match = Merci pour le match

German German

Hello = Hallo
How are you? = Wie geht es dir?
Nice to meet you = Schoen dich zu sehen
Good luck = Viel Glueck
A double please = Bitte bitte, gib mir einen Pasch
These dice suck today = Die Wuerfel sind wieder schlecht heute
Nice dice = Nette Wuerfel
Thanks for the match = Danke fuer das Match
Good bye = Auf Wiedersehen
See you soon = Bis Bald

Greek Greek

Hello = Geia sou
How are you? = Pos paei?
Nice to meet you = Xarika gia tin gnorimia
Good luck = Kali tihi
These dice suck today = Halia ta zaria simera
Thanks for the match = Efharisto gia to pehnidi

Hebrew Hebrew

Hi/Bye/Peace = Shalom
Thanks = Todah
What's happening? = Ma Nishma?

Italian Italian

Hello = Ciao
How are You? = Come stai
Good luck = Buona fortuna
Thanks for the match = Grazie per la partita

Japanese Japanese

Hello = Konnichiwa
How do you do? = Hajimemashite
Nice to meet you = Douzo yoroshiku
Would you like to play a match? = Geimu shimasenka
Good luck = Kouun wo inorimasu (literally, I pray for your success)
Thanks (for the match) = Arigatou gozaimasu
Good-bye = Sayounara

Norwegian Norwegian

Hello = Hei
How are you? = Hvordan har du det
Good luck = Lykke til
Thanks for the match = Takk for kampen

Farsi Persian/Farsi

Hello = Dorood
How are you? = Khoob hasteed?
Nice to meet you = Az molaaghaate shoma khoshbakhtam
Good luck! = Movafagh baasheed!
Thanks for the match = Baraye baazee moteshakeram
Congratulations = Tabreek a'rz meekonam
It's your turn = Nobate shomaast
See you soon = Bezoodee meebeenamet
Rematch? = Yek baazieh deeghe?
Where are you connecting from? = Shomaa az kojaa tamaas meegheereed?
Backgammon = Takhte Nard
Dice = Taas

Portuguese Portuguese

Hello = Ola
Good luck = Boa sorte
These dice suck today = Hoje estou com azar nos dados
Thanks for the match = Obrigado pelo jogo

Russian Russian

Hello = Privet
How are you? = Kak dela?
Nice to meet you = Rad znakomstvu
Good luck = Udachi
These dice suck today = Nevezenie
Thanks = Spasibo

Spanish Spanish

Hello = Hola
How are you = ?Como estas?
Good luck = Buena suerte
These dice suck today = Los dados estuvieron mal hoy para mi
Thanks for the match = Gracias por el match

Swedish Swedish

Hello = Hej
How are you? = Hur maar du?
Nice to meet you = Trevligt att traeffas
Good luck = Lycka till
These dice suck today = Vilka jaevla skit-taerningar man faar idag
Thanks for the match = Tack for matchen
That's life = Saan't aer livet

Turkish Turkish

Hello = Merhaba
How are you? = Nasilsin?
Good luck = Iyi sanslar
Thanks for the match = Mac icin tesekkur ederim