Welcome to the JavaFIBS homepage!

If you are tired of playing backgammon, you should take a look at The Board. It's a server that me and a friend have created where you can play several games that can be played on a backgammon board. It's biased towards the swedish variant Bräde (swedish boardgame), but you can also play backgammon, hypergammon, plakoto, moultezim (fevga) and some more games on it.

JavaFIBS is a graphical interface to play on FIBS (First Internet Backgammon Server) from a multitude of different platforms such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and OS/2. JavaFIBS comes in a few different flavours; from a simple applet which you can use directly from your web browser to an advanced version which you have to install on your computer.

JavaFIBS 2001 (version 1.011) is the latest and most advanced version of the JavaFIBS family. This version requires Java 2 (1.3.0 or higher) to be installed on your computer.

JavaFIBS Applet 1.6 is the applet which you can use from your browser. Just click on the link and it will fire up in a few seconds. It should work with most browsers that aren't ancient or, more specifik, with any browser that fully supports Java 1.1.5.

JavaFIBS 1.05 is an installable version of the old JavaFIBS. Its functionality is more or less the same as the applet but has a few more settings and features. This version requires Java 1.1.5 to be installed on your computer. It also works on Windows computers with the default Java Runtime Environment that comes with the OS.

Cthulhu's Cool Clien is the predecessor to JavaFIBS and is not available anymore. It is also an applet so you was able to play with it from your browser alone. The requirements were the same as for JavaFIBS 1.5.

Peter Nevalainen - Cthulhu @ FIBS