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The Ratings Command

Display information from the rating list

Syntax: ratings [name] [from number] [to number]

You'll see the first 20 entries of the current rating list if you just type ratings. You can see the ratings of all players that are currently logged in with the who command. To see the ratings of a player called name type ratings name.

The optional 'from number' and 'to number' arguments override the default positions 'from 1 to 20' for the rating list output. The length of this list is limited to 100 positions at a time. Every player starts with a rating of 1500 points and an experience of 0. Every match you play (except unlimited matches) changes your rating. If your experience is greater than 50 you'll appear in the rating list. To see how rating changes are calculated type help formula. To see a brief calculation of the rating change after a match make sure that your ratings toggle is set to YES.

Ethics: There are several ways to manipulate the rating list and get a high rating. This is cheating and not fair. Until there is a way to prevent cheating the sysop will erase accounts that have been manipulated.

See also: formula, toggle ratings, who