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The Password Command

Change your FIBS password

Syntax: password <old>:<new>:<new>

Use the password command to change your FIBS password. You must type your new password twice to avoid typos. The password will appear on the screen while you type it! Make sure that nobody is looking at your screen while you change your password. If the cls command works on your terminal it's a good idea to use it right after changing your password. Note that the character that separates the old and the new password is a colon ':' to allow passwords containing space characters to be changed.

NOTE by marvin: All passwords are encrypted before they are saved to the database. That means that if you forget your password there is no way for me to recover it. Unless you can prove (you can't) that you are the owner of an account I will not change the password and send you a new one. So, please make sure that you remember your password.