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The Oldmoves Command

Display the moves of a saved game.

Syntax: oldmoves name

The oldmoves command displays a list of the moves of a saved game with a player called name. Name completion doesn't work for this command, so the name argument has to match the player's name exactly. This command can be used to display games that are already over and not displayed by the 'show saved' command.

Limitations: You shouldn't wait too long before using this command, because games that are saved but already over will be erased every few days.

If you try to display the moves of a game you are currently playing the last moves may be missing, because they are buffered before they are saved.

The output is a little minimalistic.

Information about who is X and who is O is only displayed for games that were started since version 1.198 of the server.

If you start a new game in a match the last game will be erased. If you want a list of it's moves use this command before you type join to start a new game in the match.

It's up to you to see the moves that scroll from your screen.

See also: oldboard, show, version