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The Move Command

Moving pieces on the board


move from-to


move from to




from to

The move command tells the server what pieces you want to move. Each move must be given as 'from to' or 'from-to'. As from and to you can use the numbers between 1 and 24 and the words 'bar' and 'off'. You can use a space character or '-' to separate from and to. To separate moves you have to use a space character.

Example: move bar-5 bar 5 bar - 5 bar -5 moves 4 pieces from the bar to position 5.
move can be abbreviated by typing m.
bar can be abbreviated by typing b.
off can be abbreviated by typing o.
You can omit the word move and e.g. just type 1 3 instead of move 1 3

If your automove toggle is set to YES the server will move for you if there is only one possible move.

Note: If you have still have a piece on the bar, typing b 22 will not move that piece off the bar. You must use m b 22.

See also: toggle automove