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The Invite Command

Invite another user to play a game of backgammon.


invite name number


invite name unlimited


invite name

Use the invite command to ask another player to play with you. You can only invite someone if you are ready to play (see toggle ready), and the other player is ready to play and is not already playing with someone else. Use the who ready command to see who is invitable.

There are three ways to invite someone:

you want to start a number point match with name

you want to start a match of unlimited length with name

you want to resume a saved match with name

The first two of the above discard a saved game if name accepts the invitation, but name is told that there is a saved match. Invitations for matches longer than 9 points are limited to players whose experience is high enough to appear in the rating list. This was necessary because some new players cheated themselves into the rating list.

See also: join