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The Dicetest Command

Show statistics about the dice

Syntax: dicetest

The dicetest command shows the results of several test that are performed on all the rolls of all players after a restart of FIBS. First it tells you how many rolls went into the results you'll see afterwards. The next 6 lines show you how often each pair of numbers appeared in those rolls. The next lines show a geometrical test: Look at the book Numerical Recipes. Example Book (C) for a similar test. The next lines show how often it happened that a certain number appeared several times in a row. Each roll with two dice is treated as two rolls with a single die and the length of sequences of exactly n rolls are counted for each number. E.g. the number below 'n: 1' tells you how often there was exactly a single 1 (no 1 rolled before or after that). In each line 'S:' means 'sum:'. The last line tells you the theoretical values of the line above, so you can compare the theory to the number of n-runs rolled in real life FIBS.